Alternatives to a Deep Fryer?

268751909065be49f7db2d2ac3459989Deep fryer is the equipment that is used for cooking food by soaking it in a deep utensil containing oils or fats at a high temperature. For the past few years deep fryers have been changed beyond belief. Deep frying of the food stuff at high temperature quickly seals the surface of the food stuffs by preserving its texture and flavor. Preparing the food stuffs with the help of a deep fryer provides delicious food but it can sometimes prove to be very dangerous as it can increase the fat content in the food. Now days there are many alternatives to a deep fryer that can make food stuffs as tasty as obtained with the help of deep fryer.

There are many different types of the deep fryer available in the market like deep skillet, cast iron cooking and over frying. Deep skillet has been in use for past few years. Most of the electric deep fryers provide expediency of built in thermometer and some of them also have sealable lid which can be used for storing oil for next time cooking. Most of the deep fryers are very difficult to be cleaned and may also require more oil than normal frying. Deep skillet is the excellent alternatives to a deep fryer. This skillet makes use of cast iron as well as aluminum which holds the heat very well and spreads it more evenly.

These skillets are set with separate thermometer which tells about the temperature of the oil that it is perfect for cooking. Deep skillets are available in the market in different varieties as well as sizes. The other alternatives to a deep fryer can be used for cast iron cooking. Cast iron not only spreads the heat in good manner but it can also be used for fat free cooking. If one is cooking meats over the iron pan and the temperature of the pan becomes high then it can scorch the surface of the meat.

Other alternatives to a deep fryer can be used is oven frying. Oven frying is also the best way of deep frying and produces the same delicious food as produced by using the deep fryers without any hassle and calories. One can make several types of the food stuffs in this equipment. Like French fries that is prepared in the oven turn out crispy with very small quantity of oil scattered on the surface of the pan. Thus, switching to the alternatives of the deep fryer is a good option as it offers same tastes, textures and flavors offered by the deep fryer.

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