How do I clean Deep Fryer Grease?

dsc_0494Deep fryers are widely used in homes and restaurants. These are used for making food stuffs quickly. These deep fryers are one of the most favorite equipment for cooking food for many cooks. After cooking they often leave behind a greasy mess. The grease can accumulate outside or inside the fryer, making it very messy to clean. Cleaning this grease from the deep fryer will naturally prolong its life so that one can use it for many years. If one keeps the deep fryer clean and in proper condition then it promotes the taste of the food stuff cooked over it.

In order to remove grease or clean deep fryer grease it involves more than washing. Cleaning of deep fryer includes a combination of the different techniques with the non toxic cleaning supplies. Some of the cleaning agents involved in cleaning of the deep fryers are grease dissolving dish detergent, water, baking soda, Teflon coated fryers or plastic scrubbers, and soap filled steel wool pads and soft clothes or towel. So there are some of the instructions that must be followed for clean deep fryer grease for good cleaning.

First of all turn off the fryer and let it cool down. Now drain the oil from the deep fryer. With the help of a plastic or Teflon scrubber, scrap the sides and the bottoms of the deep fryer to remove all burnt oil or left grease. Throw away the waste into the dustbin. The next step is to fill the deep fryer with water up to the level of the oil. Now add five to seven drops of the liquid agitate or dish soap to the water with hands and shake it until the bubbles are formed. For clean deep fryer grease, plug the fryer and turn it on and let the soapy water to boil in the fryer for about ten minutes.

After boiling the water unplug the fryer and let it to cool down for fifteen minutes and drain this cool water. Now mix vinegar with five parts of water in the fryer. Rinse the deep fryer with this solution for two minutes and after that rinse it again with fresh clean water. Now make the paste of baking soda and apply it into the fryer in order to clean deep fryer grease. Scrub the paste of baking soda with scrubbing pad until all the grease is removed from deep fryers. Always clean the fryer after every use and it will assure that the taste of the food is not affected.

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