Community Bank sues its critics for $50 million

Blountsville’s Community Bank has filed a federal lawsuit seeking at least $50 million in damages from its critics, whom the bank charges have engaged in a greed-fueled “conspiracy” to take it over.

Attorneys for the defendants say the move is an attempt to deflect attention from the institution’s problems, which include lawsuits and a $2.2 million loss in 2000. Continue Reading


9 states won’t join Microsoft settlement

WASHINGTON — The coalition of states that held firm throughout the Microsoft monopoly case splintered Tuesday, with some planning to settle and some pressing on.

Last-minute negotiations prompted nine states to join the Justice Department in settling antitrust charges against the software maker. Continue Reading


Legislators craft tax compromise

MONTGOMERY Eleven legislators proposed a compromise plan Wednesday to raise or save $160 million a year to avoid budget cuts in Alabama’s schools.

“We have worked long hours to fashion together a proposal that will solve this problem,” said Speaker Seth Hammett, leader of the state House of Representatives. Continue Reading


Shuttle may fly as a private craft

The highly recognizable round NASA logo – affectionately called the meatball by NASA employees – could be replaced by a private logo on the space shuttle if a current NASA plan to commercialize America’s space truck is approved.

NASA managers are considering moving all management and operation of the space shuttle to a private company – a move that could help NASA delete from its budget a large chunk of the $5 billion it spends each year to fly the shuttle. Continue Reading